5 Everyday Routines That Negatively Affect Your Skin’s Health
October 19, 2018

5 Everyday Routines That Negatively Affect Your Skin’s Health

In this modern day and age, who really has the time to scrutinize their every move? In fact, let’s be honest; most people nowadays simply go through each day without worrying about the little things at all. However, sometimes these seemingly little things are far more than that.

When it comes to your skin, the little things are what separate healthy skin from damaged, dry skin. However, it isn’t just about using lotion or applying facial masks once a week. In fact, even the smallest of daily routines and habits affect your skin greatly and it’s so important to recognize this in order to work on repairing skin damage permanently. Below are five everyday routines which negatively affect your skin’s health that you may have not even thought of before.

1. Trusting Harmful Beauty Products

One of the biggest mistakes the average woman makes is trusting her beauty and health products implicitly. The truth is that many products out there have toxic chemicals in them which actually do more damage than restoration to your skin.

The best way to avoid these chemicals is by finding trustworthy product brands and also by looking at the list of ingredients on the product label as well. This will ensure that not only can you trust the company’s word but also can trust that you will not be using chemicals which could lead to skin damage in time.

2. Exercising and not Washing up Afterwards

Exercise is a highly important part of a healthy lifestyle but the steps you take once finished are just as important in the long run. In fact, many people will hit the gym and then simply leave without even taking a few extra minutes to clean up. The problem with this is that all of the sweat your body released and the dust and dirt particles that attached to your skin during your workout are left to clog your pores and damage your skin.

The best thing to do to ensure your skin is clean and healthy is to wash your face after exercising and make sure that any dirt or sweat is completely clear before proceeding to leave.

3. Smoking and Drinking

You probably know a ton of other things that smoking and drinking affect in your life but your skin is one thing you may not have even considered. The truth is that smoking can actually age your skin faster and create more facial wrinkles as well.

Similarly, drinking alcohol affects your skin by actually leading to water retention, redness, splotchiness, and an enlargement of the nose and cheeks as well. These effects can seriously damage your skin and last for quite some time so your best bet is to stick to light drinking and to quit smoking altogether. After all, cosmetics and moisturizers can only do so much with what they are given.

4. Sleeping in Your Makeup

We’ve all done it at least once or twice in our lives but the truth is that sleeping in your makeup is extremely harmful to your skin due to the pores it clogs and the dirt this makeup collects over time. That’s why using wet wipes on your face before bed is so useful.

The wet wipes will not only remove the dirt and makeup on top of your face but will also remove the layers of dirt and makeup found in your pores as well. This will make sure that you don’t face any blemishes or oily skin in the future.

5. Eating Foods That are High in fat and Sugars

Once again, the negative affects of eating fat and sugary foods is fairly obvious but what you may not realize is how negatively these food items affect your skin health. The reason for this is that everything you eat actually alters your hormonal balance and unhealthy foods lead to oiliness and pimples because of it.

Instead, opt for healthier items such as vegetables and white meats on top of your daily cosmetic routines and you are sure to see a drastic difference in your skin’s health because of it in no time.

No matter what you choose to add or remove from your daily routine, the most important thing is to listen to your body and recognize when your skin is damaged so as to pinpoint how you can fix it.

After you’ve done this, the last step is to purchase a trusted skincare brand so you can start repairing your newly rejuvenated skin today. If you’re not sure what brands you can and can’t trust, make sure to check out our shop and to look at our ingredients so you can see exactly what a good brand consists of for future reference.