Beauty Bits: Tips and Tricks of the Trade
February 10, 2018

Beauty Bits: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Practice Safe Sun – Always apply sunscreen in the morning as the final step to your Cirem skincare routine, BUT before your make-up. This ensures your skin will be kept beautifully protected from the unforgiving, damaging rays of the sun, while keeping skin desensitized from the retinol and vitamin C actives in the potent Cirem products. Be sure to re-apply your sunscreen every two hours if outdoors.

Baggage Claim – For an instant, cooling and soothing skin sesh, stash your Cirem Skin Jewel in the fridge overnight. Any time of day, feel free to gently massage the Jewel around the orbital area to help drain excess fluid and puffiness from your precious peepers for a brighter, beautiful, more wide-awake and “lifted” look.

Don’t Be So Hard-Pressed – When applying your favorite Cirem Cosmetics products, gently press product into skin, rather than rubbing. This prevents pulling and tugging that can damage delicate facial tissue, leading to eventual loss of elasticity.

Case in Point – Slumber on satin or silk pillowcases to keep your Cirem Cosmetics products from absorbing into sheets, while also allowing skin and hair to effortlessly glide across pillow’s surface. Cotton sheets can cause unwanted pulling and tugging of delicate skin.

Clean Up Your Act – Apply your Cirem HCR 3-IN-1 Serum to just-cleansed skin that is still slightly damp for superior absorption, while sealing in touchably-soft, silky-smooth hydration. And, always remember to apply excess product to back of hands, forearms, and décolleté. Your skin doesn’t stop at your neck!

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