Cirem Declares Price Reductions to Help Customers During COVID-19
May 27, 2020

Cirem Declares Price Reductions to Help Customers During COVID-19

(Beverly Hills, CA, May 26) – Putting their clients’ needs first, Cirem has announced sweeping price reductions on their products effective immediately. In line with Cirem’s guiding philosophy, this is in response to the financial uncertainty and hardships women, particularly, are experiencing right now.

Cirem has always prided itself on their dedication to women worldwide.  The #CIREMCARES campaign proudly donates to women in need throughout the world with every purchase. Now they find themselves in a position to help women at home as well.

Already, Cirem has begun making hand sanitizer for front line workers in this extraordinary time of need. And now they are focusing on their customers to make sure their products remain available and affordable during the COVID-19 crisis. A lot of companies speak about the need to come together in this difficult time. Cirem has made a point to match their words with action. That is why they have decided to permanently drop their prices.

The truth is that skin care has become more important right now than ever before, and it is in increasing danger of being overlooked as we remain in quarantine. Daily regimens have been wiped clean from women’s memories as their schedules, or lack thereof, grow increasingly more uncertain. Less going out means less Vitamin D, or exposure to natural sunlight, which can then affect our sleep patterns, thus wrecking our skin overnight. This is why the call to self-care is greater than we know.

The best defense is a bold skin care regimen, for which Cirem provides an ideal solution. They are dedicated to producing products that not only perform but encourage women to come out from hiding behind thick, full coverage masks of concealer or foundation. Cirem formulates their luxury products with only the best actives with proven scientific research behind them.

Cirem has also decided to step up to offer these luxury products at a now permanent discount. In line with their company philosophy, they are putting women first, even amidst the pandemic. Cirem has made the statement that “this is not the time to profit, but to protect women.”

Cirem has served as a high-end skin care provider in the Beverly Hills area, making products with a dedication to using the best science possible in their formulations. Their driving goal is to produce superior products that keep their clients’ skin as radiant and youthful as possible. For more information, contact Cirem at or visit their website at