Facial Massages: Skincare without the Products
May 8, 2020

Facial Massages: Skincare without the Products

Facial Massages: Skincare without the Products

Who doesn’t love some skincare? It leaves us happy, our skin healthy, and our mood elevated. That is why everyone should indulge in some self-loving at least twice or thrice a week. Even if you don’t like to spend so much time on your skin, you should take our word for it and try it out.

We take full guarantee that you will end up in a much better mood, and your skin will be thankful to you. Now, in time such as now, people tend to overlook their basic hygiene and do not pay much attention to at-home services.
However, it is certainly not healthy to ignore your skin, hair, and body like these. A lot of people come up with an argument that they don’t have the time, motivation, or the products to carry out a full routine at home. That is why we are here to help you out with all three reasons.

Benefits of facial massages

  • First of all, let’s work on that lack of motivation. Once you fully equip yourself with the knowledge about skincare massages and the benefits that it provides, you won’t ever look back.
  • Facial massages help release built-up tension and stress in the skin.
  • It keeps the skin hydrated, which should be your topmost priority in summers.
  • Also, due to hydration, your skin ages way slower than it usually would.
  • It keeps the skin clean, and therefore, it remains healthy and less prone to skin disease.
  • Massages increase blood circulation throughout your face.
  • It acts as a natural facelift, which means no more lagging or hanging skin.
  • Facial massages allow the products to absorb in the skin better than usual.
  • It releases toxins from your skin, which can be the root cause of acne, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • They offer spa-level relaxation at home.
  • Facial massage strengthens facial muscles.

How to carry out a facial massage at home?

An at-home facial massage is more comfortable than one might think. It does not include a whole lot of products and only uses the ones, which are present in everyone’s vanity. If you follow the following steps, you will end up with much healthier skin and an even better mood.

Start with a clean face

It is essential to cleanse your face twice daily to get rid of all the dirt, toxins, and built-up sebum and oils. To wash your face, one should ideally follow the double cleanse routine.

This routine is quite simple if you get the hang of it. It traditionally includes two facial cleaners, an oil-based cleanser, and a water-based one. You need to massage the oil cleanser in your face first and then follow up with a lightweight water cleanser.

This step leaves skin soft and supple and creates the perfect canvas for the other steps.

Slather your skin with serums and facial oils

The second step is more likely to doffer for everyone. Whereas double cleanse is perfect for everyone, skin serums and facial oils are more likely based on target concerns.

For example, if you struggle with acne, you will use serums and oils to combat that issue. The same goes for skins with large pores, hyperpigmentation, excessive whiteheads, and other concerns.

Don’t forget to follow up on this step with a good moisturizer. Go for cream or heavy moisturizers if you have dry skin and water-based or lightweight moisturizer for oily skin.

Time to massage

Start massaging your face in an upward circular motion after applying all the products from step two. Start from the chin, move towards the forehead, then the nose, then eyes, lips, and chin.

Remember to massage on under your eyebrows and your under-eyes.

If you aren’t comfortable with massaging with your fingers, you can always use a facial roller.

Pay attention to neckline and jawline

Lastly, massage the products thoroughly in your neckline and on the jawline. Try to massage it in a way in which you would shape your clay. Routine massaging can change your jawline and neckline forever!

Facial massages for the win

Skincare is the purest form of self-love out there. There is nothing like some me-time after a hectic day with some candles and at-home spa treatments. It leaves you refreshed, stress-free, and happy at the end!