Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with Our 7 Day Beauty Routine
February 23, 2021

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with Our 7 Day Beauty Routine

The fabulous month of February brings the first hints of spring, and on the 14th, Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate with your besties, a significant other, or on your own, you still want to look great.

You can spiff yourself in just one week with this beauty plan that hits all the high points – hair, nails, skin, and makeup. If you read this soon enough, you can use the beauty routine twice for a truly glorious look.

1.Every Day. First thing, in the morning and just before bed, cleanse your face with a scrub meant for your skin type. If you have acne, try a light and fragrance-free face scrub. Women who want to prep skin that has begun to wrinkle or develop fine lines can try exfoliating once a week with a mild exfoliator. Follow your cleansing routine with a moisturizer developed for your skin type. Those with extremely dry skin can benefit from a hydrating and moisturizing lotion. 

2.Every Other Day. Rehabilitate your hair by washing and conditioning it. Use a separate product for each job. Choose a shampoo that cleanses your hair effectively without stripping it of essential oils. If your wet hair makes a squeaky sound when you run it between your index finger and thumb, you stripped your hair of oils. You need to replace those with conditioner and hydrating shampoo.

3.Once Per Week. Your hair deserves a little extra care. If you have extremely dry hair or hair missing its essential oils, you can manually replace them. This temporary fix lets you quickly get your hair looking gorgeous again while it reproduces natural oils from your scalp. If you fried out your hair by coloring it, especially by bleaching it blond, you could still have gorgeous hair for Valentine’s Day. You need a protein pack treatment.

4.On Day One of Your Week. Remove any old nail polish from your fingernails. Clean your cuticles and trim them. Shape your cuticles and your nails. Buff your nails, too.

5.Throughout the Week. Peruse beauty and fashion magazines and websites for makeup looks you love. Shoot for romantic makeup without too much glitz. Forget the iridescent anything and instead go for peaches and pinks. Also, look for cute but easy to style hairdos. For a big date, try an updo. You can modify an updo bun to have pieces hanging from it onto your neck. Also, let a romantic tendril hang from just above each ear. Curl the tendrils with a spiral iron for a Victorian effect.

6.Last Day of the Week. You went a week without drying nail polish, and your fingernails thank you. Hopefully, you liked the buffed nude look, but today you paint them for Valentine’s Day. Wait until close to bedtime so you do not mess with them throughout the day or wash any off or chip them while you do chores. Choose a color that matches your makeup and complements your outfit.

7.On the Big Day. Check your nails about half an hour before your date picks you up. Touch up any chips in your nails. Time this for after you have finished your hair and makeup. Once they dry, slip into your outfit. Spritz your face lightly with Cirem Rose d’Or Hydrating Face Mist and slip the tiny spray bottle into your bag so you can freshen your look on the go. You can use Cirem’s mist over makeup or on bare skin.

In seven days, you can rehab your hair, nails, and skin for Valentine’s Day. Plan ahead, and you can debut a new look to wow your date or friends.