How to Prep Your Skin for the Holiday Season
November 23, 2020

How to Prep Your Skin for the Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, people become busier. They might feel as if they don’t have time to worry about their skincare. However, they still might feel somewhat self-conscious when they see their relatives and friends for the first time that year. People who see one another on a day to day basis often will not notice skin changes. The people who have not seen each other for an entire year may not care, but they could still notice. Relatives and friends also might want to get professional pictures taken suddenly. They’ll almost always take photos of the event with their phones. Many people will want to have glowing skin before the holidays, and it’s certainly possible to do so.


Most people use moisturizers twice a day to keep their skin hydrated. The people who are committed to skincare certainly do so. However, it’s often more important to focus on moisturizers before the holidays. People who live in colder areas certainly need to make sure that they’re using moisturizers more frequently.

It’s common for people to wear heavy moisturizers at night. They might want to start applying moisturizers after getting home from work or after going indoors after being outside for a while. In colder climates, it’s relatively easy for people to experience issues with skin dryness. Many individuals will want to make sure that they prevent some related issues that dry skin can cause.

Many issues are caused by dry skin, even if it seems as if issues are occurring on their own. The people who try to use moisturizers consistently throughout the day will be much more likely to maintain throughout the holidays.


Too many people believe that sunscreen is only necessary during the summertime. While individuals who live in warm and sunny areas might decide to use sunscreen throughout the year, this is not always the case for the people who live in colder regions.

However, it’s still possible for people to get sunburns when cold outdoors and during the cooler months. People who spend a lot of time outside during the winter might get significantly sunburned. If there is snow outside, the sunlight can get reflected off of the snow. The sunburns that people get while skiing can be almost as severe as the ones that people get while on the beach.

Being outside during the daytime without sunscreen also can accelerate aging, even if it does not look sunny outside. Many forms of sunscreen can help people moisturize their skin to solve several issues at once. Even if people do not get sunburned, they can still damage their skin; this can cause subtle skin problems by avoiding sunscreen.

Skin Treatments

People who decide to get facials before the holidays should try to get one a few days to a week before the event. The results will still be apparent. However, some people have found that their skin needs time to adjust after a facial. People who get more extensive skin treatments, such as dermabrasion, may want to get those treatments even earlier.

People often get skin treatments before summer begins. It also makes sense to do so when the holidays are approaching. Professional skin treatments can certainly help people maintain their skin. Individuals who use the right products throughout the year will find it easier to modify their skincare routines as the holidays get closer. With consistent use, products from Cirem can help people keep their skin hydrated and healthy.