How to Refresh Jet Lagged Skin

Skin is a very sensitive and important issue for many people. Traveling a lot can cause your skin to break out quickly. Germ-embedded surfaces and dry cabin air can cause your skin to become dehydrated, dull and prone to acne. Being on a plane for long hours can seriously do your skin a lot of harm. Jet-lagged skin can appear dull, boring, unhealthy, and wrinkly. The lack of oxygen and dry air around you in the plane sucks out moisture from your skin and drains out the slowness and freshness of the skin. Your skin will appear more flaky and wrinkly. It’s the worst kind of skincare disaster you can face while traveling. But worry not! Many dermatologists and skin specialists have shared some of the ways to combat this ever-growing issue!

Imagine being in contact with recycled dry air that is even drier than a desert, for a long time, in a cabin. The pressure inside the cabin is maintained and the air is recycled by low-humidity. The lack of oxygen and humidity in the plane can make your skin more prone to acne. This is why it’s always important to take precautions beforehand.

Prep your skin!
Like you take care of your body, you also need to take care of your skin. It’s as important as any other workout routine. The number one rule of having healthy skin is to drink lots of water. Especially before a flight, it is advised to drink 2-3 glasses of water or even coconut water. Drinking water and staying hydrated throughout the flight is super important. This keeps the moisture intact in the dry surrounding. Prep your skin by wearing healthy sheet masks that hydrate your skin. You can do this on board once your flight takes off. This combats the lack of humidity in the air.

Cleanse and cleanse
Washing your skin is important, but cleansing it should be a priority. Your on-board skincare routine should include a hydrating cleanser that moisturizes the dry skin. This will remove the impurities from within your skin and gently clean the skin while moisturizing it. Travel-pack skincare products are perfect for the onboard skincare routine.

Moisturizing is essential
After cleansing your skin, to maintain and preserve the moisture within your skin, you need a healthy facial toner. Using a toner get rids of any dirt left on your face. A vitamin c serum should always be in your handbag. This serum is perfect for moisturizing your skin and getting rid of dry patches. It’s lightweight and feels smooth.

Drain out the impurities
Use a derma roller to drain out the puffiness of your skin. Use it after cleansing, after moisturizing and after applying a serum. This will deeply penetrate the product into your skin to reach hidden layers, moisturizing and hydrating the skin from within. Because of the dry cabin air, your skin can become prone to acne and breakouts very quickly. Ice rollers are perfect for such issues. The coolness of the ice will cause the puffiness and dryness on the skin to fade out. The derma roller will help with lymphatic drainage, which means it will remove toxins in the layers of the skin. It’s a great tool to use during your flight. No more jet-lagged skin!

Sleep is important!
Lack of sleep can cause your body and skin to go bad quickly. Your whole routine can get messed up during traveling. A silk pillowcase, a hydrating face mask and comfy pajamas are all you need to catch up on your much-needed beauty sleep. This will help significantly in combatting the jet-lagged skin issue.