Skincare 101: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Face Masks
December 10, 2019

Skincare 101: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Face Masks

Women constantly face the fierce pressure to meet the beauty standards that are almost impossible to meet. Every woman is beautiful, and beauty should not be standardized. This damaging environment, in-organic make up products and the impurities our skin faces daily take away the beautiful natural glow and beaming freshness from our skin.

Pampering your skin must be your first priority by choosing the right products and having a skin care routine that can fix your skin issues. Figuring out what your skin type is and what ingredients work best can be a long process, but it will be worth it to achieve amazing skin. Every skin type is different and has different needs and to make it look perfect is a struggle to figure out what is best for your skin. To have great skin, there are plenty of face masks which can benefit your skin and fulfil the nutrients your skin requires. First and fore mostly, know your skin type because every skin type requires different needs without knowing it even using most expensive product would not do any good to your skin.

But not to worry Ladies! Here is a perfect guide that can help you choose the perfect facemask you need to flaunt your skin:

Hydrating masks – Well-hydrated skin prevents it from getting rough or dull. A hydrating mask is important for every skin type. To get the best result you need to choose the best ingredients like hyaluronic acid that absorbs deep in your skin and helps to hydrate which gives refreshing results.

Clay masks- Clay masks are best to nourish dull and oily skin; it helps to absorb all the excessive oil and dust, which has created an unlikely sweaty effect on your skin. It helps give a matte shine-free look to your skin, but we suggest adding a hydrating ingredient in your clay mask otherwise it will dry out and create a drying cracked effect on the skin.

Charcoal masks- Charcoal has always been 100% effective to ease out dirt from the pores of our skin. Trust me it works like magic the essential ingredient activated carbon contains the antibacterial features which help kick out all the bacteria from your skin and even out your entire skin complexion.

Sheet masks- Sheet masks are the new black in facemasks they have become popular over the years by giving the radiating and instant results. These masks are made from light cotton cloth or paper containing serums that absorbs in your skin to give you fresh and glowing skin. They are easy to use, convenient, and does not take a lot of your time. Girls who couldn’t take time to pamper their skin these sheet masks serve as a life saver.

Exfoliating masks – Exfoliating facemasks should be an essential part of your skin care routine it removes dead skin cells whips out all the dead part of your skins provides you a glowing and smooth skin. Regular exfoliation helps you with skin discoloration and skin damages. Experts suggested that exfoliation should be done once a week, daily exfoliation can irritate the skin.

Caffeine masks- Coffee is just not to wake you up there are more perks, coffee masks can do wonders on you just like coffee makes you super active it eliminates dead skin cells and discoloration from your skin, evens out tone, and makes your skin super flawless.

The bottom line is everyone desires a perfect, amazing complexion and it can be achieved through following a suitable skin care routine. Cirem is an ultimate stop for you to get 100% organic and tested ingredients that will help you achieve your skin goals.