Summer & Skincare: Everything You Need To Know
June 21, 2019

Summer & Skincare: Everything You Need To Know

It’s finally summer! Which means prepping up to enjoy the best weather of the year. As you prepare to show more skin, this also means you are exposing your skin to various dangers! Extreme sunlight might be quite harmful. In fact, UV rays and extensive sun exposure without protection may lead to some major skin and health concerns. Too much sun on your skin can also increase wrinkles and skin dryness. Keep reading to know how to best protect yourself this summer and keep your skin healthy, beautiful, and youthful!

Use nourishing skin products.

Like Cirem, use skincare products that give your skin the right nutrition to keep your skin beautiful and glowing at all times. We offer variety of amazing products that can give your skin the right moisture, as well as the right vitamins and minerals to stay healthy during summer.

Cleanse frequently and exfoliate.

As it gets hot, you sweat more. It’s a simple equation, really! If you sweat a lot, you might find your skin become irritated, and more prone to pimples and outburst. This is because pores might get clogged with sweat, dead skin cells and bacteria, resulting your skins health as it gets hotter. Using skin cleansing and exfoliating products can do wonders for your skin during summer! To obtain better results, consider products such as facial scrubs, which can help remove dead skin cells and other debris. Make sure your pores can breathe, or else your body can’t process sweating well enough, resulting your skin to feel greasy and oily!

Watch what you wear!

What you wear can have direct impact on the health of your skin. During hot summer days try natural fabrics such as cotton, which is known for its breathable material allowing air through the fabric and prevent extreme perspiration. Conversely, avoid artificial material such as nylon, which might lead to excessive sweat, as well as skin irritation.

Always wear sunscreen.

Sunlight is beneficial for your skin (and for your overall health), however enjoy it in moderation. It could also be very destructive if you do not take proper precautions and protect yourself. To avoid complications, you should make sure you use sunscreen and stay protected while spending your time outside. Make sure to choose a ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreen and use a minimum factor of 30.

Be mindful of the time you spend outside; you may need to reapply throughout the day. Radiations can cause cancer, sunburn, and other problems, such as melanomas and more.

In conclusion, these are some of the many factors that you should consider when getting ready for the summertime. When you are careful, you will be able to retain a healthy, youthful and glowing look for your skin. In addition to that, you can nourish your skin, while still enjoying the many benefits of healthy sun exposure. As mentioned earlier, sun can be really great for your skin, if enjoyed in moderation and with the right precaution! You should always be careful to sun exposure and heat, especially if you live in notoriously hot and dry areas.